The Milano features a wide tree and tree branches that point backwards for more shoulder freedom. This saddle gives the rider a narrow feel and has an open seat. The tree is resilient depending on the weight of the rider. We use an adjustable stirrup strap hook which gives a lot of extra comfort. The saddle fits in with you as a rider everywhere to support you optimally without forcing you into a position. I will determine for you which tree is most suitable for your horse. When measuring, we have options for all kinds of pillow models and various types of pillows. The tree is infinitely customizable. The length and width of the cushions are also fully customized so that optimal use is made of the support surface of your horse in order to distribute the rider’s weight as well as possible. So all our models are also available for very short horses. In the unlikely event that something happens that requires you to switch to another horse, there is the option to replace the cushions and make them optimal for your new horse. Because we measure the rider extensively and we make a saddle that fits seamlessly with you as a rider, the length of the knee block, the position and the angle of the knee block are also tailor-made. Of course, the sweat flap is available in various lengths and we determine which girth system best suits your horse. We use various packages for the fitting consultation, where there is the possibility to use the flexsaddle and the pelvic physiotherapist during the consultation. We take all the time for you and your horse. The fitting consultations will take approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. And as icing on the cake, you can of course determine the colors of the leather and the stitching. When purchasing a saddle, there is the option to choose one InsertZ for €44.95 instead of €89.95 or two InsertZ extra for €74.95 instead of €179.95. Who knows see you soon