From reading about the Graziozo saddles until I sat in this saddle for the first time, I was immediately super excited. In the Graziozo saddles you sit completely independently, which is what I find very important in a saddle. I had the feeling that it was much easier for me to keep up with the movement of my horse and I could feel him even better. 😊😊😊 I can't wait to drive it again haha

Ummels cavities

“The perfect picture”

Since a year or so 2 I switched completely to Graziozo. The perfect saddle for rider and horse. Since we switched, all the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. I notice a big difference in the training sessions and competitions, especially being in contact with your horse.

Thanks to Graziozo we are progressing by leaps and bounds. Recently we also use a beautiful bridle from Graziozo. In short the best! We don't want anything else.

Dear Jose, thank you for your help and the great service!

Cyril Voskamp

Very happy with my new Graziozo saddle!!

The saddle is of nice quality, with nice soft leather, it has soft pillows, has a nice fit and it is really fantastic!! My horse seems really happy with it too.

Erik-Jan Van Der Eijk

Even the smallest adjustments can make a difference.
With José's expertise, the saddle can be made suitable for rider and horse, that is very important to me (I myself have a permanent back / neck injury due to a major accident) so that I can sit optimally and also my horses feel and perform well.

Saskia Meijer

Since your last visit things are getting better. I'm getting more comfortable in it, I no longer have pain complaints and I only get positive reactions that I am better in this saddle. I have now started 1x with this saddle and for the first time in years I had a 7,5 for posture and sitting, thanks to your saddle!
Mara Gerritsen

I am very happy with this saddle. I have tried several saddles and had a few on trial but really happy with this choice. The graziozo saddle is perfectly tailored to my horse and me. The leather is beautiful and the finish of the saddle is of high quality.

I really notice that I can stay in the higher exercises much better and the saddle gives a lot of support without being locked up.

Professionally helped with fitting and trying and all the time was taken to see and feel what would suit both of us best in terms of adjustments..

Dimatra van der Steen

Jolanda Verton with her approved New Forest stallion Heihoeves's Florencio; “Immediately with his new saddle he no longer creaked and immediately walked fine under the saddle with a spring in the back immediately.. I hadn't felt this in a long time, the first pass was right on target.”

Jolanda Verton

I recently measured mine Oraziozo received the saddle and am so positively surprised! I'm in the saddle like a house!

I also noticed that our horse relaxes almost immediately! That took a long time with our old saddle… I also no longer have a problem with jumping into canter and I notice that I can sit so much better in the canter myself! This only promises good for the future if I have already achieved this in such a short time.

Graziozo is an expense but I think it's really worth its money. They really take the time for you and think along with you. You are also really helped by the owner herself with a lot of knowledge and experience. You can also contact us afterwards with any questions you may have! Furthermore, they are of course beautiful saddles of beautiful quality that you can also personalize. I am really very satisfied with it!


My experience with a Oraziozo saddle is great! Good quality and what mainly distinguishes it is that it is adapted not only to the horse (tree is customizable in the press, the tree branch that points backwards so that the horse gives much more shoulder freedom, and the pressure distribution panels) distinguishes Oraziozo also realize that the saddle is completely shaped to the anatomy of the rider.

Because I myself (pelvis) am a physiotherapist, I know this is very important because if you don't get enough pelvic mobility from a saddle you can throw your horse off balance and get in the way. In addition, I provide rider training and the basis just starts with a well-fitting saddle! This new insight from Oraziozo what sets them apart from other saddles also makes them third with the equestrian product of the year and ahead of all saddle brands.

In short: I started driving better, fewer body complaints, my horse has started to walk much better and has developed a lot in his muscle mass.

Dimphy van Oss

Recently bought a Graziozo saddle. Wow, what a comfortable saddle for both horse and rider! Accurately tailored, anatomically very good for the horse's freedom of movement.

My horses immediately run better with this saddle. nice model and nice that the rear insert on the spoon is interchangeable, it always looks like a different saddle. Really professionally measured and made to fit where necessary on delivery. On to a nice training of my horses.

Leonie Nijskens

I had the pass on Saturday, and ordered a Domenico!
I could drive away with it, no discomfort/pain in the hips in the beginning, I sat upright! My horse also walked very well under it. I was now sitting with my legs a bit further back than I was used to, that's why horse and I had to get used to giving the right aids.

José also helped me technically with some points, so we sweated a lot too. But, I didn't have any problems afterwards! Where I normally always have a sore lower back after a fanatical training during the rest of the day.

So I can't wait I chose a black saddle, with black seams, and the back 1.5cm lower. I can 2 pick insertz, one I already know, the other not yet.