Over Graziozo

Graziozo stands for innovation and adaptability for rider & horse. A saddle must be optimal for your horse. But we also think it is very important that the saddle is optimal for you as a rider, because as a rider you have a major influence on the horse's back. And being able to sit optimally in the saddle, from the correct pelvic position, is essential for your horse to function as comfortably as possible.


Saddle that is fully adjustable

Grand Prix ruiters, trainers, Pelvic physiotherapists and saddlers have collaborated to develop a Graziozo saddle that is fully adaptable for both rider and horse. Because not only every horse is different, every rider is too! The more comfort for the rider, the more comfort for the horse.


How do we work?

During an extensive fitting consultation, various sizes are determined, of both horse and rider. The different steps are described below.


Boom, cushions and webbing

First we determine which tree fits the conformation of your horse. Then we measure all sizes of your horse during a fitting consultation and make the cushions for your horse exactly to that size. Every horse needs different characteristics and shapes of the cushions. This also applies to the girth system and the girth shape that ensures that your horse performs optimally. We also take this into account. The tree can be adjusted as your horse develops. So the saddle can grow with it if there is a need for it. We will also check this for you.


Is adapted to your anatomy

We adjust the seat to your anatomy, where we can vary in shape and height of the spoon depending on your needs. We also use Velcro knee blocks when fitting to be able to put together the right position and size for you. These are of course fixed when the saddle is ordered. The seat always gives a nice narrow feeling for the rider.


Computer analysis of the pelvis

Our pelvic physiotherapist can also make a computer analysis of the pelvis during the pass consultation. Look for this under the heading pasconsult.


Product of the year

With our unique combination we have won product of the year in the saddle category and we are very proud of that. Graziozo's showpiece is the unique and patented InsertZ. This is an easy-to-change part in the spoon with a magnet system, so you can provide your saddle with a different look every day! We can also make it completely custom for you, matching your helmet and boots. Experience that wow feeling and make an appointment for a FREE pass through consultation! We hope to see you soon.