Graziozo works closely with equithem training. Owner Dimphy van Oss is a physiotherapist with a university specialization in the pelvis and a tough tour rider with her own dressage stable where she also trains her own horses (’t Woatsler Horses).

It has always been her intention to combine her physiotherapy knowledge with equestrian and saddle related problems. This is to give riders more body awareness and technique for the development of this. She often sees riders with physical complaints in the area of ​​the pelvis, shoulders and lower back. Because there are many aspects to a good posture, we have managed to create a nice combination. We use the flex saddle. This is the flexchair which has been further developed and where the training is done on a saddle so that you can train your posture as realistically as possible. During a fitting session it is possible to combine this with the flexchair and Equithem training. We can also be found together very regularly at events with a booth where you can have a flex saddle analysis performed. Ask for the possibilities. Of check from agenda.

For all options for the flexchair and all other training sessions go to: https://www.equithemtraining.nl/