We all know the equation: A poorly fitting saddle is just as annoying for your horse as it is for us to walk in the wrong shoes. With the same effect. Because it causes pain and that makes your horse walk wrong. This has all kinds of annoying and, certainly in the long run, costly consequences:
• Reduced longitudinal bending
• Irregularity
• Resistance
• Restriction in freedom of movement and shoulder freedom
• Back problems in rider and horse
• Physical discomfort
• Injuries

So you want a dressage saddle that fits your horse perfectly. But a saddle must also fit optimally for you as a rider, because while riding you have a major influence on your horse's back. The right rider balance ensures optimal comfort for your horse. And for yourself of course.

Perfect fit means accurate measurement. Owner José Veltman comes for the consultation as a certified saddle passer, ORUN instructor and former Grand Prix rider at your home to provide you with expert advice.

We therefore pay extra attention to measuring our exclusive saddles. We measure all sizes of your horse very precisely, so we can fully customize the saddle for your horse's back.

We determine the type of cushion for each horse and make the cushion based on the width and length of your horse in order to be able to use the entire support surface. There are more like . within each model 40 options to meet the needs of you and your horse as seamlessly as possible.

We also determine together with you:
• The model and shape of the seat
• The height and angle of the spoon
• The length and correct position of the knee pad, the stirrup leather hook and the sweat flap
• You choose the color of the leather and the stitching and you get two unique Insertz for customizing your saddle

The tree can be adapted to your horse's changes, so that you will enjoy your saddle for a long time.