A perfectly fitting dressage saddle for you and your horse

A custom dressage saddle, How do we work? During the consultation we will start measuring the rider and visualize the possible asymmetries. Then we do the same with the horse. We do this to get a good picture so that we can start riding with the right saddle.


The saddle has per model 40 options to ensure that this is as optimal as possible for both rider and horse. This is how we determine during the consultation:

  • length, width and type of panel
  • length and position of the knee block
  • length of the flap
  • shape and depth of the seat
  • height of the cantle
  • position of stirrup bar hook
  • different girth systems
  • determine interchangeable patented insertZ

This is to achieve the best possible result for both rider and horse. In addition to our standard pass consultation, the following options can also be booked with pelvic physiotherapist Equithem training :

  • Attitude- and analysis is on horseback
  • Computer analysis of the pelvis
  • Flexsaddle training
  • Customized training schedule

The consultation is done by owner José Veltman, ORUN instructor, Grand prix rider and certified VZTD Saddle Professional saddle fitter.

To begin with, we would like to explain the philosophy and the origin of the Graziozo brand. A common problem was that the current dressage saddle does not match the anatomy of the rider. As a result, physical complaints can arise for both rider and horse. In the meantime, there are even studies that show that it is even more important that a saddle fits for the rider as for the horse. This is because being in balance and being able to sit with you has a huge influence on your horse. Logical actually. This is how we developed a saddle together with a team of experts including pelvic physiotherapist, Grand prix rider and centered riding instructor Dimphy van Oss from Equithem training.

dressage saddle

This has resulted in the Graziozo saddle which can be completely adapted to the anatomy of the rider and horse, where you have to think of; adaptability in the seat, adjustable stirrup belt hook, custom knee pads a spoon can be ordered in height and degrees according to need. The saddle ensures that a pelvic center position is created in the rider and therefore the rider can optimally follow the movement of the horse. Due to the optimal pelvic position, the spine will come into the correct position. A chair seat is now a thing of the past.

Because the saddle is a large part of a puzzle, we are developing to make the puzzle more complete.

This is how we offer the opportunity to use the flexsaddle and the Graziozo saddle during a fitting appointment
to have a pelvic analysis done. By being able to properly map the rider's points for improvement and the need in the saddle. After the computer analysis on the flex saddle, we will also conduct the analysis on horseback and, based on the information, provide the customer with a training schedule in order to achieve the best possible end result.. We believe that the more puzzle pieces are complete, the better the end result. Became curious? Make a fitting appointment without obligation and experience it for yourself.

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Over Graziozo

We as Graziozo stand for innovation and adaptability for the rider & horse. We believe that the saddle should be optimal for your horse. But we also think it is very important that the saddle must also be optimal for the rider because as a rider you have a major influence on the horse's back.. And being optimally balanced in the saddle from the correct pelvic position is essential for your horse to function as comfortably as possible.


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  • Verrezi

  • Rezzo

  • Vessallo

  • Domenico

  • Milano



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  • Abriola

  • Abruzzo

  • Special Altar

  • Altare Steel

  • Flake Altar



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  • Leg Guards LeMieux Ultramesh

  • Saddle Pad LeMieux Luxury Suede

  • Saddle Pad LeMieux Suede Dressage

  • Saddle Pad LeMieux Carbon

  • Saddle pad LeMieux Loire Classic

     92,95 104,95


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  • Winderen Stirrup Matt Black

    Winderen stirrups matt black

  • Winderen stirrup silver

    Winderen stirrups silver

  • Winderen dressage half pad 10mm

    Winding 10mm saddle pad

  • Winderen dressage half pad 10mm

    Winderen 18mm saddle pad

  • Winderen correction slim saddle pad 10mm black

    Winderen correctiepad slim 10mm



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  • Graziozo Bridle Piazza Brown GRA-400007


  • Portofino

  • Graziozo Bridle Luca Brown GRA-400017


  • Graziozo Bridle Luca Brown GRA-400017


  • Graziozo Bridle Bellagio Brown GRA-400003




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  • Leather bag Graziozo


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  • Vicenza_Graziozo_LeatherNubuck_Bag_Tas_1


  • Suede Tas Graziozo Castle


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Topriders and Graziozo

Seth Boschman

Geert-Jan Raateland

Lisanne Zoutendijk

Saskia Meijer

Marijke van Schaik

Annabel Rootveld

Ine Blommaert

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of the riders immediately felt that the horse walks easier with more connection and use of the back.

felt an immediate improvement in their posture and indicates that they sit more quietly and can more easily follow the movements of the horse.


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