Why a dressage saddle has to fit perfectly

We all know the equation: A poorly fitting saddle is just as annoying for your horse as it is for us to walk in the wrong shoes. With the same effect. Because it causes pain and that makes your horse walk wrong. This has all kinds of annoying and, certainly in the long run, costly consequences:
• Reduced longitudinal bending
• Irregularity
• Resistance
• Restriction in freedom of movement and shoulder freedom
• Back problems in rider and horse
• Physical discomfort
• Injuries

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Over Graziozo

We as Graziozo stand for innovation and adaptability for the rider & horse. We believe that the saddle should be optimal for your horse. But we also think it is very important that the saddle must also be optimal for the rider because as a rider you have a major influence on the horse's back.. And being optimally balanced in the saddle from the correct pelvic position is essential for your horse to function as comfortably as possible.


Topriders and Graziozo

Seth Boschman

Geert-Jan Raateland

Lisanne Zoutendijk

Saskia Meijer

Annabel Rootveld

Milou Aten


of the riders immediately felt that the horse walks easier with more connection and use of the back.

felt an immediate improvement in their posture and indicates that they sit more quietly and can more easily follow the movements of the horse.