Happiness on Earth is on the back of horses! We offer a wide range of exclusive saddles and other products for horses. Graziozo stands for innovation and adaptability for both horse and rider. To achieve this, the needs of each horse are examined together with you.

This is how the type of tree and the correct cushions are determined. All sizes of your horse are precisely measured and the saddle is made exactly for the back of your horse. The correct rider balance is just as important for optimal comfort for your horse. This is how the model and shape of the seat become, the height and correct angle of the spoon, the length and correct position of the knee block, stirrup strap hook and flap determined together with you. The tree can be adapted to the changes of your horse. The choice of color is of course allowed as a finishing touch, stitching and two InsertZ are not missing. It is also possible to combine the consultation with our pelvic physiotherapist with the flexchair. It is now also possible to pay in installments for a purchase in our webshop via Spraypay.

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Over Graziozo

We as Graziozo stand for innovation and adaptability for the rider & horse. We believe that the saddle should be optimal for your horse. But we also think it is very important that the saddle must also be optimal for the rider because as a rider you have a major influence on the horse's back.. And being optimally balanced in the saddle from the correct pelvic position is essential for your horse to function as comfortably as possible.

Topriders and Graziozo

Seth Boschman

Geert-Jan Raateland

Lisanne Zoutendijk

Saskia Meijer

Annabel Rootveld

Milou Aten


of the riders immediately felt that the horse walks easier with more connection and use of the back.

felt an immediate improvement in their posture and indicates that they sit more quietly and can more easily follow the movements of the horse.