exclusive design

Graziozo is the newest player in exclusive horse products. The beautiful product is the first dressage saddle wich is develops from the rider myself as professional Grand-Prix amazone. This beautiful shaped saddle is developed by a team of experts in the field of dressage and design as well as in anatomy. Graziozo products are beautifully shaped and made by hand. The way the saddle is shaped gives you the opportunity to follow the movement ofyour horse from your pelvis. And the fact that the vertebrae have optimal freedom of movement makes this saddle something unique.

optimal anatomical shape

Our products are made of high quality materials. Top riders, material specialists and renowned horse physiotherapists have joined forces and developed a unique product line. Physical problems with horse and rider belong to the past. As professional Grand Prix Amazon along with our certified fitter/osteopath I will visit you personally to ensure the perfect model fit for you and your horse. All models are completely free for your own preferences. Stitching, type of blocks, leather types, everything is possible within Graziozo.


The fitting of the saddle is done by myself as a professional Grand Prix rider or on of my professional rider colleague. Together with our certified fitters we visit you personally to measure the saddle. Our team of experts are ready to find a seat for you that ensures a perfect fit for you and your horse and you can enjoy the sport optimal.


An unique feature of the Graziozo saddles is the replaceable Insertz® in the cup (name and model are registered). You can choose the best designs and you can also customize your own saddle. It’s easy to make a new appearance for your beautiful product. De InsertZ® can be produced on demand with custom design and logo. For example for companies and fundings.

the guarantees of graziozo

Always a custom made saddle within 10 weeks.
3 year warranty on the tree.
The products are always new and innovative.
From start to finish, we are your partner in horse welfare.